Plexus & Being a Full Time Mom

In another post, I described some great news about Rodney furthering his education this January. Growing up, Rodney's father taught him strong values regarding how to save and invest money and how to not abuse money.  Being the father of all boys, he knew his influence of words would be passed down to practice by his boys once they married. Not all Rodney's brothers abided by their father's council, but Rodney chose to do so.

I've probably rambled on about this a hundred times, but at age 14 Rodney went to work at Lagoon and stayed there until he started the Police Academy. He continued to put his money away in the bank as his father encouraged him to do.  When he was 27, he bought his first home and made sure to sell the home one day when the market was high.  He was taught to invest in whole life insurance and put his money where he knew it could build interest. He was advised to avoid a credit card and if he did use one for the purpose of building his credit score, t…

Easy Slaw Burgers on Toasted Buns

First off a moment of silence is happening in my home in respect to those who died, for those who gave their lives for others on September 11, 2001. 

September turned a busy month for me. I am hoping life will slow down enough for me to pay attention to this blog more because I have SO MANY recipes I want to share with you it's not even funny. In fact I have so many fast, easy and healthy recipes that it's hard to keep them to myself. 

I love to share everything. Call me a non-private person if you will.  So to keep you up to date with why life is so busy for me right now, I will give you a glimpse of what is going on.

First, Rodney had surgery and has been home from work for about 8 days sick-leave now. The first few days he was pretty much bed ridden, but he's doing better now and he goes back to work tomorrow.

He also is graduating this month which is 3 months early. Going to school when you have a family and go to work full time is no easy task.  But Rodney is a genius and…

Kale and Spinach Salad With Chicken, Cranberries, Apples, and Cashews/Pecans

It seems the past 10 years of so, Kale has become widely used. Maybe it was used before, but I never tried it or even knew it could be used in a salad. I remember seeing it as a kid at salad bars for presentation, but nothing else beyond that.

To my knowledge, kale is not great cooked, but it's very delicious in a salad. The key is to massage it with olive oil to tenderize it. It tends to shrink in size quite a bit from doing that.

I ate this salad two days in a row for dinner and lunch with some garlic toasted fresh bread. I forgot to take pictures of this salad which I am kicking myself over because the salad was beautiful once complete. Full of color and texture. I am dreaming of it again already.

I have a friend I've known for about 3 years now, who inspired me to make this salad. She's really good at emailing me recipes every so often when I can't think of what to make. She also told me Costco sells the kits for under 5.00 in the walk in fridge section of store, whic…

Lemon Blueberry Muffins

About a week ago I got the invite. The invite that says it's been 20 years since you've been in High School. You better have accomplished something or don't even bother showing up. 

Okay, that is not really what it said.  But in a way, it kindof made me stop in my tracks and think. Maybe cry a little. I am gushy that way.  I looked back on my goals I had set for myself.  Did I succeed at them?  Not really.  Am I happy with where I am 20 years later. Yes I am.

I loved High School. It was the best time of my life and I am a bit sentimental over this reunion.  The memories are flooding back at once. It's easy to forget, but when that invite comes to you 20 years later, you will get a little teary. The good days, the hard days, the bad days. They are all part of the HS experience. 

 However, I don't miss the fashions. I can't believe socks and birkenstocks were a thing. I can't believe high waisted jeans with a huge belt and tucked in shirts was a thing.  I don…

I Am A Mom, But I Am A Woman First

Today I was asked the question of how I handle 2 very active kids. Most everyone remembers Sunny at 10 months, the age Adelaide is now.  They remember me chasing after her in church and not really ever being able to sit down.  Now Adelaide is doing it to me. She isn't walking thank goodness, but she sure knows how to scoot from point A to B in a matter of seconds.  

Everyone has different kids and different challenges. We all handle those challenges in different ways that are unique to our belief system. Some people may have a different belief system then I, and that is okay.  As long as we respect each other and don't hold judgement, all is fine. 

Lately, I've been thinking about who I used to be before I had children.   I used to be fun and probably more likeable. Now I am a distracted mess who can't even gather my thoughts or process what I want to say half the time.
                                         On my first cruise. I didn't know how easy I had it.

If yo…

DIY Multi-purpose Spray & Glass Cleaner

For about 2 years now, I have used DoTerra Essential oils.
The scents are powerful and each serve a purpose for health and healing as well as to diffuse, make into sprays and cleaners.
The oils are not cheap. But a few drops mixed with coconut oil will go a long way.
One of my few favorite scents is peppermint, orange, lime, and lavender. Combining these makes a fabulous cleaner.
I purchased a glass spray bottle off Amazon and have been making my own homemade spray for almost 2 years now.
It's certainly a great choice knowing there are only a few ingredients in my spray.
This DIY spray cleans counters spotless as well as windows.
I love the aroma that fills my home as I clean.
The one area I have to have clean is my kitchen and bathroom. The rest of my house can be a mess--I will deal with it.
When these areas are clean, I feel almost invigorated. I have to be able to see my counters. I like them clean and fresh. It's not always gonna happen in my house,  but I make every ef…

The Best Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies (No Butter)

It's confession time.

1. My favorite cookie is by far a chocolate chip cookie made with coconut oil (no butter)

2. I love chocolate chip cookie dough anything. I have never gotten sick from raw egg in the dough.

3. I will make every excuse to stop what I am doing so I can make chocolate chip cookies

4.  I will eat the cookies for breakfast.

5. I can't make an entire batch of cookies because I lack willpower. They will be gone. I usually make a few and freeze the dough.

Yesterday afternoon was a typical quiet time in our household. Lunch was over, my house was clean and it was quiet time. My favorite time of day.  Adelaide was napping and Sunny was coloring at the table.  I was on the couch catching up on reading. I love to read and could probably read 3 books a week if someone let me.

I am reading this book called Anabele Lee. It's super suspenseful and the kind of book I hate to be interrupted in.

I was deep in a chapter and in my own world when I feel a tap on my leg.  Sun…